Giving Life to Orphans & Widows

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About G.L.O.W.

Since November 2009, I started this project in Shanghai, China to raise funds for orphans and women in dire need.

I began the work of designing jewelry and having them custom-made by different craftsmen in China. Initially, my jewelry was inspired by Christian themes and I subsequently expanded my collection. I focussed on the use of genuine semi-precious stones, pearls and silver in my jewelry line.

As time went by, I added different products for sale alongside the jewelry and I regularly update my website with new and exciting products.

Sale of these items have been at private residences and at bazaars/fairs organized by schools, communities and clubs. I send 100% of the profits to organizations in China, India and Poland - countries I had lived in from 2009 to 2018. I support orphanages, healing homes, rescue centers for  former prostitutes, schools for children from slums and rehabilitation centers for people with disabilities, such as Shanghai Healing Home, Eden Ministry, Nirikshea, proVision Asia and Joy Foundation.