Giving Life to Orphans & Widows

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G.L.O.W.  stands for "Giving Life to Widows & Orphans" - James 1:27

I left my home in Singapore in 1999 and have lived in 6 countries, visited 55 countries and I now speak 6 languages.

During the 19 years away from Singapore, I was exposed to a world so different from Singapore that I realised how blessed I was. I also became acutely aware of the enormity of the needs of people in those countries. 

I towed my 2 young children (aged 2 and 5 at that time) across the globe, learnt about and practised raising third-culture kids, and navigated the unique cross-cultural nuances in each country. I also learned how to 'bloom where I was planted', to make the maximum use of my time, talents and resources to bring joy, purpose and hope for a better life for the local people who did not have the same opportunities I had growing up in Singapore.

This is how I got started in designing jewelry and accessories with special meanings (which also make lovely gifts) so that all profits from the sale will help slum children go to school, orphans with medical conditions get surgery, and destitute families get food for their families.

Please check out my unique jewelry and accessories on the "Products" page. and support my cause!